Earn Bitcoin With the Tap of a Finger!

Poke rocks for a chance of earning Bitcoin or generate passive income with 24/7 auto miners.

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Every Poke has a Chance of Unearthing Bitcoin

It's a simple idea. But it's addictive, easy to understand, and potentially profitable.

And the best part is. You can start today for FREE.. That means you can start earning Bitcoin without investing, spending, or stressing about money & profits!

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After our short sign-up process, you'll receive 2,000 Satoshi Coins, a Level 2 tool, and a Manual Miner, all for free.

  • To Manually Poke Rocks for Bitcoin using your Level 2 Tool (you can upgrade to faster, more profitable tools later with Bitcoin)
  • Earn Bitcoin Passively with your Auto Miner as they continue to chip away at rocks 24/7
  • Referral & Affiliate Program where you can earn 5% on all their Bitcoin deposits when they use your link

Poke rocks & earn Bitcoin

Every rock has a chance of containing some Bitcoin. For each poke, you'll lose some stamina & take tool damage (But don't worry. Your Auto Miners never run out of steam or life.. They permanently mine Bitcoin for you!)

  • Recover Stamina Every Minute or purchase more stamina to avoid downtime
  • Upgrade & Repair Tools with Bitcoin for faster, longer-lasting, & more efficient mining (deposited Bitcoin can't be withdrawn)
  • Hire Auto Miners to generate passive Bitcoin 24/7 (even when your phone is off!)

Collect your Bitcoin

Now for the fun part: Collecting your Bitcoin! Your Bitcoin goes directly into your earning balance where you can track your profits & withdraw a daily payout.

  • Daily Bitcoin Payouts directly to your wallet (to withdraw, your balance must be 0.0001BTC or higher)
  • Only Uses Bitcoin Blockchain for the most secure & trusted exchange methods
  • Only Deposit Bitcoin to Upgrade & Hire, but remember, deposited Bitcoin can't be withdrawn

The Tools & How They Work

Every tool has a unique amount of life points, a specific speed of mining, & the number of coins found per rock. So pick carefully!




Coins Per Rock


Classic Pickaxe


30 Rocks



Coins Per Rock:

1-10 satoshi


Titanium Pickaxe


65 Rocks



Coins Per Rock:

5-50 satoshi


Electric Hammer


140 Rocks



Coins Per Rock:

25-250 satoshi


Nuclear Drill


300 Rocks



Coins Per Rock:

125-1250 satoshi

How to Earn Passive Bitcoin With Auto Miners

Don't worry. Poking your phone screen isn't the only way to earn Bitcoin with Poke BTC. You can also hire Auto Miners that will generate Bitcoin all day, every day (even when your phone is off or your internet is down!)

Start by Hiring a Miner

There are several levels of Auto Miners ranging from starter to elite. Some are fast, and some mine at hyperspeed!

  • Unique Features for Every Level of Miner including speed, efficiency, & more
  • Earn Passive Bitcoin FOREVER because your Auto Miners never stop, give up, or time out (they're permanent!)
  • Hire Auto Miners by depositing Bitcoin (deposited Bitcoin can't be withdrawn)

Rake in Your Daily Profits

As your Auto Miners dig away, your warehouse will fill up with the profit. But your miners stop when your warehouse is full, so remember to exchange your Gold Dust daily!

  • Earn Gold Dust which you can exchange for crypto coins at their respective rates
  • Exchange Daily Profits to keep your warehouse & miners functioning (Auto Miners stop if your warehouse is full)
  • Generate More & More Passive Bitcoin by increasing your roster of Auto Miners with regular purchases!

Referrals & Affiliates

Earn 5% on Bitcoin deposits

If you're looking to make some extra Bitcoin, you can refer friends & family or advertise Poke BTC to earn 5% deposits made via your link.

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